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Animal Killer

Animal Killer
Jason Brown, of Reno , Nevada, accused of dismembering 5 dogs in a Reno Motel

Friday, September 12, 2014

Slevtold: "You Sir, Have No Boundaries" , Clinton Oxford Gets 10-19 Years In Prison

Clinton Oxford
When I received a  call last night from "DOC" lighting up the phone on the caller ID, I knew I had some good news for my friend Jim. When I answered, we had the usual wait time while the DOC pre-recorded message explains that "you are being recorded, and that the use of three way calling and call waiting will disconnect the call , etc., etc, " I asked Jim if he remembers "Clinton Oxford." Jim let out a huge laugh, when I divulged the terrific news, that not only was "Clinton" a real person, he was one who landed himself in boiling water. He was stunned. This is a lesson learned for those "who know no boundaries."

Both Jim and I had a hard time believing that "Clinton" was actually real, giving his aggressive and frequent comments on a hate blog, directed at the both of us. We were regularly badgered and maligned by this character. We didn't believe it, because a person whom you have never seen or met, or even heard of, is unlikely to spew so much venom. But , as it seems now, Clinton Oxford is in a special class of sadism crime, and a person "who knows no boundaries." and was recruited by another sadist, to post hateful and derogatory comments on his vortex of defamation. Sane people dont act this way, but it seems his "mentally disturbed defense" got him nowhere, except a well deserved lengthy prison sentence.

From the looks of it, Judge Slevtold got it right, and handed down a prison sentence that will prevent this criminal from repeating his grotesque penchant for stalking and harassment, via a computer. Its kind of ironic that his host appeared in a courtroom to provide moral support , and listen to the trial. From what was reported in the newspapers, it appears that the threatening and harassing emails were over the top, and one even fantasized about the murder of Judge Zitos's dog. Its easy to see that those who love animal torture, and engage in a non-stop pattern of abuse need to be locked in a cell for a very long time. Clearly, Clinton Oxford "knows no boundaries." What remains to be answered is if "Clinton Oxford" who posted hateful remarks on the O'Hare vortex of defamation on a daily basis, was incarcerated at the time these comments were appearing. It will be part of my discovery requests, in my on-going libel lawsuit against O'hare. Certainly, it wont be hard to find out, from public records. And it wouldnt surprise me if "Clinton Oxford" himself was actually impersonated.

I can think of others who fall into that exact same category, of "knowing no boundaries."  Not only has the sadist blogger aligned himself with this cyber criminal, but  his"sticker"  pals in Nazareth, seemed to learn the same thing. When you lay with dogs you rise with fleas. Thank god, at least one rabbid animal has been removed from the free world. I wonder what it must be like to see your recruits and pals go down in flames, one at a time, while you sit on the sidelines and watch?

It leaves me to wonder how Kelly Gross feels every day, knowing that 3 Deputy Sheriffs paid the ultimate price when they lost their careers, after one was recruited to commit a crime?

UPDATE: Clinton Oxford was charged with Stalking and Harassment on 3/31/14 with a bail amount set at $15,000. Docket sheet shows that no bail was posted. Most of his vile comments directed at yours truly and Jim were posted after 3/31/14. Its not looking good for O'hare.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lies, Defamation and Libel Runs Wild On O'Hare Blog

Even though most people in our community know the facts and truth about why O'Hare was judicially removed from practicing law because of fraud, dishonest , forgery, malfeasance and deceit, he continues to practice and repeat those same mistakes to this day. Unphased that he is currently being sued for libel, he has now publicly made another reckless and wildly false proclamation that I caused the death of a former clerk in West Easton. He has made this wild proclamation before, when he accused a Nazareth Police officer of causing a suicide during an arrest involving a firearm, and a possible hostage.  He has also repeated outright lies from Kelly Gross, that Councilman DePaul assaulted and threatened a clerk. Good sources tell me that O'Hare will be spending more time than he wants to, inside courtrooms, in the near future.

It just so happens that Donna Smith  served this Borough for at least 25 years, and worked harmoniously with the Borough Manager , Richard Foster, and all residents of this Borough, before her death in 2010. Donna suffered from a long and serious illness, that I will not elaborate upon, because I choose not to invade the privacy of others, by commenting on their health concerns, even 4 years after passing away.

Unlike Kelly Gross and Jill Garcia (former foul-mouthed clerk, who admitted , on record in a court transcript to calling yours truly an "f**ing Bitch in front of an officer from the EPD) Donna Smith would readily provide any record to any taxpayer, upon request the same day. Donna would politely address all resident concerns, in person and over the phone, at the time issues were raised, because she took pride in her job, and her duties to serve the public. I appreciated Donna, often thanked her for her help, and often dropped off cookies and other small gifts to her and Richard during the holidays at Borough Hall.

Those were the good old days that have passed, and have not returned. The good old days, where one could come and go freely from Borough Hall without a locked door, and histrionic surveillance footage/ calls to the police for no valid cause. Times where any resident could stop in just to say hello, and find out what 's going on in this town. Minutes, ordinances and permits were freely available, and printed off a computer at the time someone asked for no charge. No appeals, no lawsuits.  During those years, I always sent the office Christmas cards thanking them for their service, and complimenting the streets and roads department for expertly plowing snow, and keeping our roads safe. O'Hare's horrific claim that I am responsible for her death, must be taken from the source who feeds lies and libel to the public on a regular basis. It will be added to my libel lawsuit against him, which is currently pending in Northampton County Court.

The loss of Donna Smith (in 2010) was a severe loss to all persons in the town, and since that time, our Borough has been wildly mismanaged, turned into a fortress , and has shut out every single service that was once provided with ease, and without drama, tax hikes, lawsuits, and court injunctions.   Since her passing, Kelly Gross has assumed (against the Borough Code) all office duties, and has directed the office staff not to answer phones, not to address email, and not to open mail. I am told they are not allowed to use the Borough computer's , either. Most people would enjoy a job that only requires punching in, and reading magazines for 5 hours. The truth of the matter is that West Easton, under the leadership of Kelly Gross, ( who narrowly escaped prosecution and destroyed the career's of three Northampton County Deputy Sheriff's in a leaked firearm application crime) has managed to spoil relationships with a frightening frequency over the last 4 years.

Since Kelly Gross installed herself as the Acting Clerk, acting manager, acting zoning officer, treasurer, transcriber of minutes, Director of Public works, RTK Officer, among other things, West Easton has lost its police department, 2 Zoning Solicitors and 2 Borough Solicitors, numerous clerks, numerous road dept. workers, code enforcement companies, insurance policies who terminated coverage, 2 engineers, 6 council people,   and have forced potential developers / job creators to walk away.

Notwithstanding those failures, she ignored the death of Councilman Charlie Stoudt, failed to apply for or inform Council of a free chance at revenue for a gaming grant, returned CDBG grant monies that were unspent in 2012, raised sewer rates despite a $286K surplus in the sewer fund, and hiked taxes by 150% since 2003. West Easton is now sitting on one of the largest surplus's it has ever seen in the history of this Borough. Its total general fund budgetary surplus , according to the 2013 Audit Report, is $383,000. The General fund budget in that year was $708,000. As a percentage, West Easton is holding a surplus that is 54% of its budget. That would be akin to Northampton County holding a $184,000,000 reserve, because its general fund budget is about $342,000,000.

More facts and truth to be told on this topic, coming soon.

Monday, September 8, 2014

West Easton Council Meeting Erupts Into Heated Exchanges

Solicitor Christy Schlottman is STILL recording the minutes

"Lack of Decorum" is seen when Christy Schlottman is whispering to Council President Kelly Gross throughout entire public meeting. No recoding devices are present. 

Councilman Tom Nodoline reels off topic and discusses a sewer bill regarding another councilman. 

A Republican councilman, Paul James was appointed last December to fill a vacated Democratic seat. 

Mayor Gross states a "stenographer" was hired to record minutes but never showed up to any meetings. 

Kelly Gross publicly accuses a  Councilman  of threatening and pushing a Borough clerk in Borough Hall. (rolls eyes) 

West Easton Council approves minutes from 3 months ago

West Easton Council approves "receipts and deposits as presented" but fails to approve any "Treasurer Reports" because they haven't had a Treasurer in 2 years.

Vernon Moore was voted in as a new Councilman over 19 year resident Robert Lewis. According to Councilman Tom Nodoline, Moore was chosen after speaking to Democratic County Chair Mike Munsey, as the better choice. Apparently, Vernon Moore is a "supervoter". However, after a review of the most recent (2011) "supervoter" lists in West Easton Borough, Vernon Moore isnt' even listed as a voter.  His name appears as a democrat voter in a 2013 list as a resident of 153 Spring Street, with 3 other names listed in the same house, which are all different. According to Northampton County property records, Vernon Moore bought this house in 2007, for $115,000.00 Confusing , to say the least. More later. Mike Munsey is needed to clarify this.

Shouting matches consume entire meeting. 

President of Council, Kelly Gross is suddenly enamored by "treating all Borough residents equally, and under the same laws" (how many firearm permits did she steal? The answer is just one, not all citizens of West Easton Borough) but entirely fails to answer questions from residents regarding RTK requests, code enforcement letters, and resident complaints.

They can answer a new question at next many property transfers in the last 45 years received same enforcement letter? My guess is none. 

More later.  Its time to vote these people out. Councilman Lou Nikkos' tantrum was recorded at last meeting, blowing up at the Mayor because his tyrant daughter  Kelly Gross refuses to allow staff and Council members to do anything productive for the Borough. That video will be uploaded and posted tomorrow. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lawyerless In Upper Mt. Bethel

Sued again, and lawyerless
Ron Angle has been sued again. And he has no lawyer. He was listed on the argument list yesterday as a pro se defendant. The attorney representing the Plaintiff is Karl Longenbach, former County Solicitor.  I noticed this when Ron made his unwanted presence known to me yesterday in court. Despite my requests that he mind his own business, he was more interested in my conversation with a Northampton County Deputy Sheriff , than he was with his own case. Instead of staying seated in the courtroom, he was wandering around the hallways spying, and listening to private conversations. Look out Ron, and be careful not to earn yourself another 1.3 million judgement.

Though the famed disbarred  blogger has tortured the truth again on his vortex of hate and defamation, and has told outright lies, including Judge Baratta's statements, and many others, there was no suggestion to have a Lehigh County Sheriff serve me anything, nor was there a terroristic threat. The hate blogger simply makes things up as he goes along. He even lied to the Judge, again, but I'll get to that later. Despite this bloggers' attempts to convince his readers that I have been in hiding, will have a "body warrant" and will be held "In contempt" I refer back to the outstanding decision of the PA Supreme Court to keep this wingnut out of a courtroom. It should be noted that the transcript yanking his license to practice law, indicated he has "a serious emotional problem" and required a psych report prior to being re-admitted. The stunt he pulled with his own African American client was the final nail in his legal bag. OOPSIE.

The hallway incident occurred when O'Hare careened ( puffed up in his supersize suit, ready to blow smoke in a courtroom) around the corner, and kept right, near the windows, toward courtroom 10. I kept right, near the bathrooms, and headed for the steps. There was a safe 15 feet between the sadist and myself. But as usual, he decided to throw himself into my physical path, crossed the hallway, and began his pursuit, yelling "Asshole! Asshole! Asshole! while walking right toward me (as if three times is more powerful than one) Luckily for me, there was a Deputy Sheriff right around the corner, and his unwise , attention craving publicity stunt was reported. I had nothing to say in return.

Publicity stunts and attention craving outbursts seem to be the norm lately.  see media coverage here for his latest public outburst.   Maybe Nazareth can send this cosmic creep to the moon. He lives in space and adores it. Despite his "anonymous" (wink, wink) comments that call me a convict, I have no criminal record.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Donkey Torture Case in Texas Results in Criminal Charges

Suzie Q tortured and dragged by SUV
News coverage is here.

And here.

Marc Saunders of Montgomery County Texas led his wandering donkey back to his home by tying her to the back of his SUV, and dragging her for 1/4/ mile.  The donkey was discovered lying in a ditch with bleeding hooves, ground down to the bone,  in severe pain.

Originally, He was charged with felony animal abuse which carries a jail sentence of 6 months to 2 years in jail.

The good samaritan  (a veterinarian) who found the donkey was an expert witness for the prosecution.

ADA Freyer charged that the defendant used a motor vehicle as a weapon, which elevated the charge to a 3rd degree felony which carries a 2 to 10 year prison term.

The trial lasted 4 days and ended with a finding of guilt for sadist animal abuser Marc Saunders. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison for his torture of the donkey , "Susie Q."

Assistant prosecutor Freyer expressed appreciation to  the witness testimony, the judge and jury in the case.

It is reported in this article that the donkey has recovered from the torture and is doing well.

Marc Saunders, a true "jackass"