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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

RIP Attorney Lonardo

Jim Gregory's attorney, Tomasso Lonardo of Allentown, PA , passed away on October 31, 2014. He was referred to Jim by a cellmate in NCP. I met him briefly at his Allentown office when delivering Jim's banking info, car keys, house keys, etc, last year around this time. He was a class act who cared about his clients. Jim Paid Tom $10K. If anyone reading this wants to pick up Jim's case, please contact this blog. Brief was due on Nov 3, 2014.

Thoughts and prayers to his family.

Monday, November 10, 2014

West Easton Council Meeting Lasts 20 Minutes

There is little to report for this evenings council meeting, except two new faces. One is Vernon Moore, the newest Councilman who replaced Tim Jones who resigned in July 2014. This was Vernon's first meeting. At courtesy of the floor, and upon my request, Vernon confirmed that he was interviewed for the position only by Mayor Gross and Tom Nodoline.

It was after a heated debate in August of 2014, that Tom Nodoline lied to the public by stating that Matt Munsey, Northampton County Democratic Chair, also interviewed Mr. Moore. This is not the first lie that has been told to the public during council meetings. Kelly Gross, an avid liar, told the public at a meeting two years ago that the staff were all receiving 4% pay raises. This was in response to my question why Council was voting for a 50% pay raise for themselves. Later, in a RTK request for Borough Payroll Records  from 2 different years, it was revealed that the staff received no raise.

Council did hire a treasurer, but declined to hire long time former councilman Carl Pierson, who prepared the budget every year, and had a strong grasp of Borough Revenue and Expenditures. Instead, they hired someone who has never served West Easton in any capacity. The reason for this is that he was willing to work for $100 per month, while Carl asked for $160. They saved a whopping $60 per month, but spend thousands of dollars on two lawyers to fight the Open Records law. Additionally, we received a 2 mill tax hike for 2014  even after the $165,000 savings  realized when the Easton Police dumped the contract as of 12/31/13. Additionally, West Easton receives windfall cash from Abe Atiyeh for the DUI Center Impact Fee. We do not know how much has been received to date, because West Easton is litigating the matter, after records were deemed public by the OOR, and were supposed to be released to yours truly. Instead of doing that, the flopped in trial court on appeal, and are now rolling the dice (for the 3rd time) in Appellate Court. an enormous cost to taxpayers.

The other new face was the new clerk, who was hired by Kelly Gross without any input or vote from Council. When I asked him his name and position, he declined to answer, and looked at Kelly Gross to answer for him. I only received his first name, and that his position is neither "Borough Clerk" nor "Borough Manager", but "Administrative Clerk." Kelly Gross has again used the services of a staffing agency instead of a much less expensive direct hire. Staffing agencies in the area charge between $25 -$30 per hour. This has been a $10-$12 hour position, which has been paid in the past for office staff. This also means that the new person will probably not be able to be bonded, because he is not an employee. That would mean he is not allowed to handle money, either. In this job market, a 20 hour per week office job, if advertised, would likely bring in dozens (if not hundreds) of qualified applicants.

The budget has not been introduced, but is expected to be introduced at the next meeting, according to Finance Chair Paul James.  However, no vote was taken to advertise any of this.

Two other people spoke at Courtesy of the Floor. One had concerns about the lack of proper leaf removal, and the other had concerns about the Borough owned police cars that are not in service and sitting unused inside a storage shed. Another concern raised was that the Borough has not had any public discussion on lowering the quarterly sewer fee for senior citizens age 60 and up. Both residents were blatantly ignored by Tom Nodoline.

Mayor Gross has apparently appointed himself as the Acting Police Chief of West Easton. He has been busy watching Borough residents come to rolling stops at stop signs. He indicated that he is "ordering" the State Polcie to come down, and do a "detail" to catch people running stop signs. Its time for our Mayor to roll in a leaf pile and retire.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Be Careful Who You Hire : A Growing Epidemic of Employee Related Thefts

Yesterday, I had the displeasure of reading an article about the Warren County School Business Administrator, who pleaded guilty to embezzling over $70K in school funds.

This theft, in my opinion, tops the charts for evil intent. As a former School Business Administrator, I find it hard to comprehend why anyone would destroy their career by stealing, and stealing from children, no less. These employee-employer related thefts are a growing epidemic in the Lehigh Valley area and beyond.

Equally despicable, are the thefts by home care workers from their elderly clients. There seems to be a rise in these crimes as well. Certainly, the theft of over $300K from a church by a Palmer Township woman, tops the charts as well.

Then there was the Wilson Borough Clerk, who stole thousands of taxpayer dollars from a sewer fund account, and the South Whitehall Clerk and her retired police officer husband, who stole almost a  million in taxpayer money.   In 2006, a Northampton County Clerk embezzled thousands of dollars from a bail account.

These examples are just a few , in what seems to be a growing problem statewide. While all employee thefts are a terrible breech of trust, those who are entrusted with taxpayer funds should be held to the highest level of scrutiny.

If you request information, financial or otherwise, from your local municipality, and find that they refuse, reject, delay, (and perpetually sue to try to stop the release of information) there is probably a very serious problem. Don't be bullied and harassed by secretive municipal workers who will try, at every turn, to stifle the release of public info, by provocation, yelling, shouting and name calling, threats of police intervention, etc... In fact, when you suspect there is a problem with transparency, make more requests. If there is something to hide, eventually (and hopefully) the truth will come out. When a municipality engages a taxpayer in a virtual Vietnam War of Open Public Records, it is safe to say that there is something to hide. My advice? Fight the fight and dont give up.

A simple google search of employee related thefts returned thousands of results, but I managed to link a handful of them below. These are just the ones that I found for the Lehigh Valley area, in the past few years. Is it poor quality workers, or horrendously overworked and underpaid staff? Neither scenario justifies theft, but one must speculate why we are reading about these crimes almost daily.

Friday, November 7, 2014

"Harassment" in Northampton County Has Different Meaning For Different People

After Bernie O'Hare (removed from the legal profession by the Supreme Court of PA) was thrown out of my home in August of 2011, he has engaged in a course of conduct with no legitimate purpose. In a never -ending battle to discredit me as a person , a nurse and a candidate for political office, and despite 3 petitions for protection, and 5 private criminal complaints filed for harassment, the courts and the District Attorney consistently fail to protect a victim of constant harassment, degredation, and abuse, online and in -person. 

The first complaint is detailed below, when a TRO was filed in April of 2012. After Judge Beltrami ruled that the petition had to be rejected for procedural defects, he suggested filing a private criminal harassment complaint with the Office of the District Attorney. He made this suggestion in open court, on the day the TRO was heard. 

Not only was the private criminal harassment complaint rejected by our DA, his multiple subsequent viscious screeds, offensive blog material, and witnessed acts of following in public were also denied by the DA. 

Consequently, the DA and the courts have acted as enablers for a disbarred lawyer, who is enraged by the fact that yours truly has called him out for exactly what he is. Only days later, I was served with a libel lawsuit, for airing my grievances in court. The libel lawsuit , though disguised by misrepresented claims that he was libeled on this blog, actually complain of protected speech, which is guaranteed and unassailable, when made in a court of law.  Complaints made in a court of law are subject to absolute immunity as discussed in Bochetto v Gibson : 

 Pursuant to the judicial privilege, a person is entitled to absolute immunity for “communications which are issued in the regular course of judicial proceedings and which are pertinent and material to the redress or relief sought.” 12  Post v. Mendel, 510 Pa. 213, 507 A.2d 351, 355 (1986) (emphasis in original).   This privilege is based on the “public policy which permits all suiters, however bold and wicked, however virtuous and timid, to secure access to the courts of justice to present whatever claims, true or false, real or fictitious, they seek to adjudicate.”   Id. As we explained in Post, “[t]o assure that such claims are justly resolved, it is essential that pertinent issues be aired in a manner that is unfettered by the threat of libel or slander suits being filed.”  Id. Notably, this privilege is extended not only to parties so that they are not deterred from using the courts, but also to judges so that they may “administer the law without fear of consequences,” “to witnesses to encourage their complete and unintimidated testimony in court, and to counsel to enable him to best represent his client's interests.”  Binder v. Triangle Publications, Inc., 442 Pa. 319, 275 A.2d 53, 56 (1971). - See more at:

And despite raising this argument in my pleading, the Northampton County Judiciary found that this was not applicable in my case. Hence, they actually rewarded the dirtbag $67,000.00 in a default judgement, despite the fact that he failed to submit any evidence of actual harm. His 15 minutes of fame is found here, in the transcript of his secret trail, which took place without any notice to yours truly. I was not served with notice of trial, and had no opportunity to provide defenses. The matter is under appeal in Superior Court. 

In sum, our legal system in Northampton County protects some alleged victims, but not others. It also allows certain actors (Jill Garcia, Bernie O'Hare, Kelly Gross) to badger, harass, abuse , steal,  scream obscenities, ban people from a public building, withold public records in bad faith, follow in public, and be negatively depicted in photographic montages,  without any punishment whatsoever. No justice is found when the court only punishes a victim of abuse for responding in self defense, with words that are well deserved, honest, and factual. 

If this petition below is not "harassment" than what is?

Thursday, November 6, 2014

West Easton Is Still Unsure If Minutes Are Public Records

I know of no other Borough, City or Town that requires a written RTK request to get copies of minutes, except West Easton.

In a never ending battle to be secretive, abusive and tyrannical , West Easton sends out this generic response for every single RTK Law request that is filed, even when the request is for Minutes of Council meetings. They are one of only a few towns who refuses to post minutes to a web site. Ironically, this Borough has spread the atrocious lie, that this requester is a danger to their safety, yet, refuses to even fax or email the minutes. They have decided it would be much more safe, if I appear in person to physically retrieve the records.

And they pay  a lawyer $100 per hour to do this. Vote out the tyrant , Kelly Gross , (who narrowly escaped criminal prosecution) on election day in 2015. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Election EVE :Remember to vote Republican !

Post by iRadio.When a small repub slips and falls, the big guys pick him up ! In the spirit of kindness, help fellow man and vote Republican.....